31 May 2003 - Somewhere between Copenhagen and Hamburg
Oh, so that dotted line means ferry and not bridge

If you look on a map showing rail routes around Europe, you see a dotted line joining Denmark and Germany, between R◘dby and Puttgarden. Now, I thought that it was a bridge, despite the legend showing blue dotted lines to be ferry routes. This was because the train I was boarding said very clearly "Hamburg Hbf" which meant I was going to stay on board it until I reached it. No mention of ferries anywhere on the ticket, on the timetable, on anywhere else.

Well, I should learn to trust map legends a little bit more. It was a ferry, but I was right too: I didn't have to get off the tain.

Another first for me. The train stops right outside the ferry, waits, and then gets on board. It's like a mini-station in there, and you can get off and wander about the boat.

It's a regular ferry, with restaurants, bars and the ubiquitous duty-free shops. You get a view of the sea and enough time to wolf down a fish and chips, which I did. They were also selling an all-you-can-eat salad buffet for DEK80 which was extremely tempting, but since I had a good breakfast, I didn't think I'd do it justice.


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