31 May 2003 - Somewhere between Hamburg and Berlin
German trains are W☻nderbar!

Especially if you're travelling first class. That's the one perk you get for travelling using an 'adult' EURail ticket - you get to travel first class. Well, I paid for it, I might as well use it!

The train between Copenhagen and Berlin was especially nice, although I think it was a Danish train, and not German, because the map in between the carriages were of Denmark. However, all the signs were in both German and Danish.

I'm now in the train to Berlin, and I'm all alone in first class. Not a bad deal, really.

The seats are wider and a bit more plush, and (this I especially like) there are little headrests you can lean on - useful for people like whose head lolls back and front and from side to side when I fall asleep in a chair.

The first class cabins also have little temperature controls, so you can adjust it to be a little cooler without having to open the windows.


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