30 May 2003 - Copenhagen Danheim Youth Hostel
I Can't Cope-withagen

Wow. This is something I won't do again in a hurry: stop in a city for 'just one night' to get a taste of it, en route to a larger town. The idea was that I would stop by Copenhagen on my way to Berlin instead of going there straight from Stockholm. Originally I was going to go direct, but a friend had suggested that I look him up in Copenhagen. Furthermore, it takes 13 hours to travel to Berlin and the way the trains are arranged, it will always take up two days on the rail pass, so I thought, "what the hey, might as well do a stopover in Copenhagen".

Well, it was a bad idea, I think. Firstly, the train in from Stockholm gets in at about six in the evening. Secondly, the youth hostel I am in is far away from the centre of town. Thirdly, things are expensive in Copenhagen. Actually, things are very expensive. And lastly, my friend didn't reply my email.

It costs DEK15 (about RM10) to use a bus. It costs DEK50 (about RM30) to get a burger, fries and soft drink. Somebody was saying that they spent DEK1000 on the first day, and they didn't even do anything - it was just food and lodging. In case you're interested, I've been
surviving since this morning's buffet breakfast on one pair of Twix and an apple. And several bottles of water. And I walked the 5 km from the station to the youth hostel.


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