9 May 2003 - Lotteria, Yongsan, Seoul
Yongsan Electronics Arcade

This place is so cool. It's basically shop after shop after shop selling everything electronic. There must be literally thousands of them, packed away into crampedd cubes. Handphones, PCs, security cameras, lights, hardware, everything you could possibly think of.

Korea is geek heaven. Everyone here has colour LCD handphones that fit into the palm of your hand with polyphonic ring tones and video conferencing. In fact, this is probably the first time I've seen people use video conferecing on a hand phone as if it was an everyday occurance. Which it probably is. I haven't seen how good or bad the picture is, I'm sure it's a pretty slow frame rate, but it's like Dick Trace Plus or something.

It seems that the rate off technology turnover here is so high that prices of anything that isn't the latest are rock-bottom. Try under USD100 for a second hand Celeron.

Most of the places don't have prices marked out, so I suppose theree has to be a lot of bargaining, but when you have somethig like fifty stores in a line that only sell handphones, you know they have to be pretty competitive.

In order to get an edge some of these stores employ pretty young girls in short skirts and tight tops to stand in front of the stores.

I'm so lucky I'm broke and don't speak Korean.


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