6 May 2003 - Seoul Express Bus Station
Internet Intersate Highways

Food may be expensive in Korea, but Internet access must be amongst the cheapest and best in the world. Everywhere I've tried is really fast. I suppose not seeing Internet cafes that advertise "128kbps!!!" must mean that they have pretty good lines already.

And the best thing is, if you know where to look, you can get free access. The place I've settled down at in the Korean National Tourism Office in the centre of town. Fifteen terminals, all with high-speed access, all with floppy disk and CD-ROM and all are free. The only thing is that I can't plug in my Alphasmart or my card-reader, but that is a small matter, really. I've been there over the weekend, and it doesn't even get close to busy. I wonder if it's a really well-kept secret or something.

The only thing I've had diffficulty finding is a CD-ROM writer, but that's because it was the holiday weekend.


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