3 May 2003 - On the way to Seoul

Bad news. Ulan Batar has been classified as a SARS-affected region, with chains of local transmission. There's no warning from WHO yet to not travel there, but it means the situation is now 'unclear'.

I think it might still be ok to go because we'll be in Ulan Batar for less than 24 hours, but I need to double and triple check all sorts of things (like whether the Russians will block overland travel).

We'll probably want to wear, at least, gloves in Ulan Batar. I think the risk of transmission through "things you touch" is far higher than through fluid directed at the eyes, nose and mouth.

Also, a thermometer would be a good idea. Two, so that we each have a personal one.

I hope this doesn't foul up our plans for the trans-siberian.


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