29 April 2003

I pity those amongst you who didn't endeavour to stay up late and watch that exhibition of passionate football that was Man Utd vs Real Madrid. I especially chose a room that had ESPN, never mind it was USD3 more expensive, it was well worth it.

Who cares about consistency, when you have somebody who can turn a game like Ronaldo. Football is about passion in the moment, and Ronaldo was living proof of that (re: first and third goal against Man Utd at Old Trafford). What were the Red Devils thinking, that they had a chance against a man who is a walking fairytale, with destiny in his feet?

The first goal came out of nothing, the third was simply sublime. "Raul who?" we ask ourselves.

One man isn't a team, but we celebrate football as if it is, and none more so that night.


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