27 April 2003 - Somewhere between Da Nang and Hue
Not bad, for a 32-hour bus ride

I'm almost 30 hours into this long, long, long bus ride, and I have to say that it isn't so bad after all. Really, I expected it to be a pain, and there was a time between 2 and 4 am this morning when my right buttock went a little numb, but otherwise it's been a pleasant journey.

The countryside shows variety as you travel northwards. The gentle rolling hills around Saigon turn into rocky outcrops that frame the star-filled sky turn into sheer cliffs that the bus hugs around the coastline.

Some of the scenery is absolutely beautiful, and is a joy to watch as it passes you by - just as long as you have space on your seat to stretch out, it's ok. An advantage of travelling alone.

I just wish I'd seen more of the stars at night. They were tantalisingly out of reach, dimmed by the glow of the bus lights and of the rest stops. It was as good a night sky as I've seen for a long time, just wanted it to be slightly better.

In short, I'm glad I took this bus ride. It may have seemed a waste of a day to some people, but I liked it. Now all I have to do is to train my bum not go numb.


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