26 April 2003 - Somewhere on the road to Na Thrang
Pretty pit stop

I'm some four hours into the bus ride. As expected, the bus will drop you off at special places to eat and sleep. It's a little strange that this is the way that business must work, commissions and all, and the end user suffers all throughout, but I should factor it in while travelling and not protest too much and not think "heck, I just paid RM5 for a meal that isn't worth RM3".

What is the alternative? To pack my own food beforehand. But food that you prepare for yourself has a tendency to go a little off, and it isn't hot food, to boot. But maybe that's what I need. Large copious tupperware filled to the brim with good cheap food, vacuum sealed for freshness. There could even be a market for it.

This place we've stopped at, wherever it is, is an incredible looking seaside resort. Hotels and motels line the pristine beach, and it really looks beautiful. Probably because the sea isn't polluted.


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