17 May 2003 - On board the Trans-Siberia
This cursed Trans-Siberian

How do I put this? I seem to be under a curse since I got onto the train in Ulan Batar. Just to list them:

Add to that the fact that you're more or less cooped up in this cabin - well, I'm getting a little frustrated.

I'm telling myself bad things happen in threes, and this is the third one, so maybe everything will be good from now on. But I'm not superstitious, so this doesn't really make me feel better. At the moment, I'm retyping everything from my report on the World Cup Stadium in Seoul right through to what's happened on the train. This is something like - well, many, many, many hours of writing, and I'd like to think I'll be better second time around.

Well, unless all this gets deleted too.


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