12 May 2003 - Ulan Batar, Mongolia

Ahh, it had to happen some time. Bad luck befell me in Ulan Batar as I was getting on board the train and my wallet, along with my credit card and USD20, was pickpocketed.

It was a well set-up thing. One fellow pretended to be a passenger, and the other his friend seeing him off. The passenger was extremely helpful and he kept helping arrange bags and moving things around. At one point, while he was arranging the bed linen, he pushed me aginst his friend in the doorway. This happened while people were doing things in the corridor and so I was jammed against the friend, and that's when he picked my pocket.

I didn't realise it until the train had started moving, and I managed to send off an SMS to get it cancelled, but the next problem now is to replace the credit card.


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