Will he, won't he?: Chinese whispers (Updated)

OK, lots of you guys have written in the comments "ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO CHINA, YOU KNOW THERE ARE OVER ONE GAJILLION CASES THERE NOW AND EVERYONE IS DYING EVERYWHERE" (OK, I exagerrate a little, but the sentiment is there).

WHO has now issued a travel warning for people not to go to Beijing (much in the same vein as "don't go to Hong Kong unless you really, really, really have to") and many countries are seriously thinking or already have closed their land borders with China. All this means travelling through China is now a moot affair, and only to be tackled if I had sado-masochistic tendencies and wanted to fight all the way against immigration/customs/health officials.

So the short answer is, "no, I am not going to China". I'm not even going to Hanoi.

I am, in fact, going to fly to Ulan Batar via Seoul. This is because there is no direct flight from Ho Chi Minh to Mongolia, and because I've never been to South Korea, might as well take this chance to visit the place.

Any tips on what I should do when I get there?


posted on Thursday, April 24, 2003 - permalink
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