I'm sorry I haven't posted anything new for some time, but the diary writing is a little behind schedule. Some new pictures are up though, but I've had to open a new account to load them (see above for two links to photos now, not just one).

I will update it sometime in the next day or two, as soon as I get the chance to do so.

On a serious note, as of 11 April 2003, WHO has classified Beijing as a SARS-affected area, although they have not released an advisory restricting people from going there. I am currently working on a backup plan around this risk, but it certainly looks like the "do the whole trip over land" bit is seriously at risk.

As a backup, I am looking at whether flying to Ulan Batar via Seoul works. Well, I haven't been to Seoul yet, so I suppose that's a reason to go there... :)


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