Bangkok Q&A

Q: A whole week in Bangkok! What did you do?
A: Saw some sights, got wet, fought city traffic, got wet, took a day trip to Chatanaburi and got wet.

Q: Was it raining a lot?
A: It was Songkran, the New Year, and by tradition, people throw water at each other. Sometimes with gusto.

Q: So that's the lasting memory you'll keep of Bangkok?
A: That, and the city public transportation system. I took just about every option possible: by foot, by tuk-tuk, express boat, longtail boat, skytrain. It is hard work getting from one part of the city to another. I also rode an elephant, but that was in Kachanaburi. I didn't take the taxi, though - too easy.

Q: You like things hard?
A: I want to try new things. I practically have to force myself sometimes.

People sell insects in Bangkok. To Eat. Seriously.

Fried six-legged critters, anyone?

Q: What about food?
A: Not as many new things as Hatyai. I ate a lot of street vendor snacks. I found a few vendors selling insects. No, I did not try that. There is still a gap between my intention to do all things new and the willingness to really be daring.

Q: What about the people?
A: People are generally nice. My faith in humankind is still intact, thank you very much (although I would have been very surprised if that had changed).

Q: What about the girls?
A: What are you getting at?

Q: You know, are they nice?
A: Yes they are. This question is for Eddy's sake, isn't it? Because he asked me if I met any Áhicas'yet.

Q: Maybe.
A: The girls are nice. If you really want to know, the Maybelline girl is especially nice. Eddy, if you can find her name and phone number for me, that would be appreciated.

Q: So, what was good about your time in Bangkok?
A: The Grand Palace, and the incredible adventure of using the public transportation system. Chatuchak market was also interesting.

Q: What was bad?
A: Gettin soaking wet at every street corner when I had just dried off, and the incredible adventure of using the public transportation system.

Q: Would you go back again?
A: Yes, if only to see Ayuthaya.


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