9 April 2003
Hatyai Q&A

(I've decided to use this format because the response to the first one I did was so good)

Q: How was Hatyai?
A: Slow, peaceful, easy-going. I wasn't originally going to spend so much time there, but in the end, I spent all of five days.

Q: Why so long?
A: It's those darned trains. When I met him on Friday, Mr Ooi insisted I stayed at least two nights. However, there were no trains available Sunday or Monday, so we were forced to take the Tuesday train. Sunday was a holiday, you see, and so was the Monday after that. I guess long weekends are treated the same the world over.

Q: Who's Mr Ooi?
A: He's somebody I used to work with on the Smart School project. He retired a few years ago and now he's spending his time helping out at a Buddhist community centre. In his spare time he's building a university.

Q: So what did you do while you were in Hatyai?
A: Lots. I had a traditional Thai steam bath, and a traditional massage. I ate lots and lots of seafood. I also had ox. And Thai laksa. Actually, I ate lots in general. I climbed a hill. I rang a bell at a temple. I helped out an English class. I fed an elephant. I looked at the building site for the University. I helped set up the school's computers so that they could access the internet via one connection.

Q: So you were busy?
A: Very. But I found it hard to get to sleep some nights. I think it's the food.

Q: Which of all these did you enjoy the most?
A: Erm. Probably the massage, but only because I'd never tried that before. The hill walk was OK, but a bit short and a bit hot. The food was good.

Q: Would you have stayed longer?
A: Nah. Tight schedule and all. I would have preferred to leave earlier, in fact. I was stressing about it at one point.But why get stressed when the whole world's waiting to be explored? Anyway, the food's good.

Q: Did you like the food?
A: Yes.

Q: Did lots of people really say that they liked this format?
A: Well, two did. But none said they hated it. So that means 100% of those who responded agreed with the format.


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