22 April 2003 - Ho Chi Minh
On the road to Saigon

The overland journey continues from Phnom Penh, straight into Vietnam. On paper it looks easy - a bus ride to the border, and then a short hop to Ho Chi Minh. Reality is always more interesting.

Although a lot of the road between Phnom Penh and the border is tarmac, it just means that the potholes are made of macadam and not dirt. This must have been the most uncomfortable bus journey of the trip so far, more so than the rollercoaster ride between Bangkok and Siem Reap. At least this ride didn't have the added benefit of extra-long rest stops (which were extremely welcome to my sore backside when we did stop).

Getting across the border into Vietnam is like entering another civilization. Everything just feels so much better, from the comfy bus seats, to the smooth ride, to the nice and friendly bus operator.


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