18 April 2003 - Siem Reap
Man, it's hot here!

For those who don't know (I didn't), April to June is considered to be the dry season in this part of the world. And it isn't 'dry'in the sense that Malaysia has a "non-monsoon"season. It's dry, as in the grass turns brown, the lakes dry up and the temperature hits 40 degrees celcius. Or maybe even more.

I'm sitting out here on the verandah in the shade and I can feel the reflected heat soaking through my damp t-shirt. And I have a slight headache now.

This is nothing compared to the day before yesterday when I'm sure I was suffering from heat exhaustion. I was absolutely zonked. My brain was fried, I was incapable of making straight-forward decisions. As soon as I realised, I drank lots of water, tried to get some sleep, and eventually went to the bathroom three times that night.

Anyway, things I learnt the hard way:


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