10 April 2003 - Bangkok
The Grand Palace

Probably the most visually stimulating and locally revered site in Bangkok is the Grand Palace and its environs. Home to the royal family and as old as the city itself, it is the single "must-see"sight in Bangkok.

As soon as you step in, your visual senses are overwhelmed by all around you. The wealth of detail is absolutely breathtaking. It is possible to stand in one spot and take twenty or thirty pictures, each telling its own story. Things look different at different distances. A building becomes an ornate door becomes the fine mother-of-pearl inlaid design. There are places where there seems to be no room left for elaboration, such is the attention to detail.

I got myself one of those tape recorders, which gives a 90 minute walking tour (although I dare say you could get as much information hanging around the passing tourist groups and their guides).

The main thing to keep in mind throughout all this is that this is not some past monument of glory, but a set of buildings very much still in use. In fact, they were preparing the halls for the Songkran festival.


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