Sepang F1 2003

I was at the F1 in Sepang yesterday. If people say what's not important is the destination, but the journey, then F1 is the total ebodiment of that. More than three hours on the road, more than an hour getting to and from our seats from our car, all to watch a few hours worth of racing.

It's hard to follow the race without the aid of television, even in the best seats. The cars lap each other that it becomes a trial to decide who's first, second and third. If you're unfortunate enough to sit in the lower tiers, the heat is stifling (and yesterday it touched 34 degrees celcius). As expected, the noise is deafening, and the commentator's voice is drowned out to make it impractical to listen to, even if you dared to take off your earplugs (RM10 each).

Really, the only way to go to F1 and enjoy it is to do it in style in the F1 Paddock that caters for the racing teams. They are air-conditioned rooms that overlook the pit lane. A sumptuous lunch is laid on and TV screens everywhere relay every second of the race for your enjoyment as you dine on Maine lobster, steak and Italian mineral water. You can stretch your legs and walk around the pit lanes at pre-determined times, and you get a chance to meet the drivers before the actual race. And, if you wish, you can expose yourself directly to the sun, the smells and the sounds by going up upon the roof, but the only reason to do that is to break the monotony of luxury.
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