Watched the comedy week yesterday, and I must say, it was a bit of a disappointment. There is a comedy week being run at The Actor's Studio in Bangsar Shopping Centre, and there's been a big promotion for it. COMEDY WEEK! starring COMEDY COURT, HARITH ISKANDAR, JIT MURAD, AFDLIN SHAUKI, introducing JASON LO, RASHID SALLEH and SCOTT HANSERLING.

BUT, what they fail to point out is that not all people are on every night. I only so five of the advertised 7 people. What else? That of the five people presented, one is an MC, and another has like a 'cameo' role in the last skit. So, that leaves three. What else? Yes, the tickets are RM62 or RM82. Read that again: RM62 and RM82. You can buy 10 Big Mac Meals with one of those. And? Not all of them are very good. OK, let me get this off my chest: Rashid Salleh was not good. At places he was downright bad. I can remember laughing out loud a grand total of twice during his routine.

The other two people were Afdlin and Harith. Afdlin was so-so, but not great. Some good high points, but c'est tout. Only Harith delivered the quality that I expected, and he was very, very good. Yes, his routines are regularly rehashed, but he's funny - funny, funny, funny - enough that I don't really mind. In fact, all the stuff he did last night was new to me, but I was assured that there were some repeats.

If I knew it was going to be like this, I would have saved my money. I may have paid RM100 for the show on Saturday night, which would have featured Harith, CC and Jit, but that would have been pretty steep. I would have paid RM80 for it and been satisfied with it, probably. Anyway, what really irks me is that I feel short-changed. And they think they can get away with it?

Well, as long as people buy the tickets, I guess they can.
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