There are two metro/train lines in Manila. The Metro (that stretches from the west to the east through Paysay City, Makati City, Mandaluyong, San Juan and Quezon) and the LRT (which has a short run up and down the coast from Paysay City through Manila metropolitan area and Caloocan city).

I am staying at the Edsa Shangri-La and there is a Metro Line in front of it. The only map that I could find in the hotel of Manila and its environs was not very detailed. It gave a rough indication of where the suburbs were and some slightly more detailed maps of downtown Manila. I had asked the ticket counter how to get to Rizal Park, and he mumbled "A-B Avenue" after consulting with a colleague. My simple mind simply bought a ticket and travelled north (as Manila is the the North-West of Mandaluyong).

There are no train maps or area maps in the train or most of the stations, so I had to depend on my eyes to find out which station I was in. It was only when I reached the end of the line past Quezon when the nice man at that station pointed out to me that I should have gone in the other direction, towards the south, where I would then have to change trains and go back north. So to get from Mandaluyong to Manila city I must first travel south west away from Manila and then go north.

Yes, I feel dumb. But at least the train tickets are cheap (between 10-15 pesos per ride) so that it was a more a mini-adventure than a pain.
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