Participated in my first DramaLab press conference today. I guess I have to adjust myself to the way things are done. They started putting things up at 2pm for an event that was meant to begin at 3pm, which actually only began at 3.30pm. Zahim and then Jit said a few words, and there was a video presentation. Dang! If I knew this, I would have set up a powerpoint presentation to go with Zahim's speech. Too much aural, not enough visual.

The video presentation was pretty good if a little uneven. Too much time was spent on one play and not another. I'll see if I can host it on the server.

They're now running a preview of Visits on the second floor of Telawi Street Bistro. It's more like a balcony and it faces outwards into Jalan Telawi. Street Theatre, if you like.

The newspaper articles that weree mounted don't look so good in the light of day, but it did the primary job of distracting people as they were streaming in. It worked ok, but could be better.

I like this job. I'm seeing and learning new things. This could be good.
There's a comedy forum going on at the Actor's Studio. Lots of famous names from Malaysian comedy will be performing - Harith Iskandar, Jit Murad, Afdlin Shauki, The Comedy Court and also new comers like Jason Lo and... well, somebody whose name I've forgotten.

The tickets are extremely expensive though - RM64 and RM84, or something like that. I wonder if they are worth that price, but knowing KLites, the tickets will probably sell at that price. The only way they won't is if I organise some sort of boycott, and that ain't happenning soon.
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