The outskirts of Manila is like an Asian town based on US values. Wide roads, drive on the right, and billboards dotting the sidewalks. The slow traffic encourages entrepreneurship when people combing the stationary cars offering drinks and food for sale.

Characteristic of Manila is the Jeepney. Over-long pick-up trucks with seats inside, gaudy colouring and their apparent right to rule the road. They seem happy cutting in a nd out of traffic looking for customers. Why are jeepneys so colourful? I can't think of a good reason why. Maybe it's like why the peacock's tail is so large. One thing comes to mind. How the heck do you know which jeepney to get on? It's painted onto the side of the jeepney.

Basketball is a big deal here in the philipines. Alongside the squatter housing where you would normally find a football square in other countries, you instead find basketball courts.

Not speaking tagalog doesn't seem to be a big problem. Every sign I've seen so far is in English.

There are more than a few abandoned buildings on the outskirts of Manila. Industrial areas that have fallen on hard times, presumably. In fact, the whole industrial area looks a little run-down.
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