The Intramuros is a city within the city, a haven of peace from the otherwise never-ending traffic. Walking within the Intermuros is like walking within one of the colleges at Oxford, away from the bustle of city life. There also isn't very much in the way of things to do there. One cathedral, one church and one fort. There seem to be lots of places where you can find a job on board a ship.

As I was leaving the Intramuros, it coincided with the end of school. I walked the streets with scores of school-children. It got me thinking - were they on lunch break? Do they on go to school for half the day? Do they have afternoon school? They were everywhere, it was like I walked into a world populated only by school children. Well, they were 16+ I guess, so High School Children would be a better descriptor. The backstreets were filled with cheap eating places and internet cafes. And the Internet cafes were filled with school children playing counterstrike and what-not. Some things don't change over thousands of miles.
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