Have to type this up quickly while the appropriate emotions are still seething in me... ;)

Valentine's day is a crock. It is a shining example of what commercialism can do to an otherwise innocent and pure celebration of love. It compels people to expect irrational things from one another and puts unnecessary pressure for innocents to effectively kowtow to corporations and their artificial notions of what should be done to celebrate this day. Women of all ages expect their loved ones to pay RM10 and upwards for a stalk of rose, to indulge in the fantasy that, yes, this means he really loves me, when all that is needed is a quiet reaffirmation of what should happen on a daily basis anyway. And it is us to blame, the consumer! Why do we get sucked into this maelstorm of publicity generated by companies who strive to increase their profit margin at the expense of the people? Because we let them.
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