What happened to drunk malays on film?

Watching Keluarga 69 on Astro Prima, and I see a drunk P. Ramlee walking back to face an upset father at home. It's played to comic effect, but the comedy is more in the argument between father and son, rather than a stumbling drunk not being able to make sense of his situation or environment. In other words, the drinking is bad

Could we do a scene like this these days without a character saying "Astarfirllahulazeem..."? Why has a moral imperative seeped into our entertainment?

I glanced over yesterday's headlines on PAS wanting to establish Hudud laws in Terengganu. Maybe I'm just a middle-class urbanite stuck far away from the realities of Kuala Terengganu, but it smacks of politics of the worst sort - we say what we say because it'll win us support.

Is this what has happened to the Malaysian film industry? When maybe a good story was once enough, now we have to incorporate 'good' values into the scripts. Again, we say what we say because it's what we feel people expect.

I want to say, let's remember the story comes first, and let viewers decide on the morality. So there.

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posted on Wednesday, December 24, 2008 - permalink
Yes, let the viewers deal with the story. Our film industries, I am sure we have many talents to advance interesting stories. The facts of life would be interesting.

But then, handling problems has shifted to number two in priority. Top priority has been pointing fingers; the blame game has become the culture of the Malaysian society. Part of that society, the viewers. Blame the movies for the existence of Mat Rempit? The irony, The Fast and Furious still get a place in the Malaysian cinemas.

This affects everything and we can't move forward easily when our own society seems to be conservative. But who can shout this out to be heard?
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